Comprehensive Guide to Tabata Training

Tabata training

Human beings have greatly evolved from their original size and nature. The horizons have broadened and we have, as a species have experienced new heights. With a massive transformation in the habits and likes of humans, the methods of different activities have also changed. A lot of new inventions and methods have been made to make the life of a contemporary human, easy. This massive evolvement has brought forward a set of innovation.

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This innovation in almost everything that we have been doing since our inception spells the start of very exciting times. Human beings since the incipient of this world have been open towards different innovations and ideas, thus change has always been accustomed with human life. As part of this change, a lot of things remain no more like what they were.

A popular example can be of the workout styles that we have adapted. From just running around or jogging around a mountain, humans evolved to make flexible workout styles that aid everyone. This massive process of change doesn’t seem to stop at any junction and looks never ending. One of the breakthrough methods that have been brought forward in workout patterns is that of Tabata training.

A routine visitor off the gym will be informed of the countless workout styles that have been implemented and worked upon over the years. From sit ups to push ups, from head stand to chin up, from squat to burpees, the world of workouts is a world synonym to that of change.

tabata Workout

What is Tabata training?

As part of this change, the introduction of Tabata training method is nothing less than a huge gale of fresh air. Tabata training is something which most trainers have not started preaching. This is because few people know about the complexities and the styles that are needed to accomplish a healthy lifestyle using this method.


Adapting with the contemporary world is something that should be taken care of always. So, a person looking for a High Intensive Interval training (HIIT) should definitely try out the Tabata training as it is a complete package of strenuous exercise and intervals.

The Tabata training method involves exercises that last for 4 minutes and can result in a perfect body shape if complied with perfectly.

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The history of Tabata:

The history of Tabata is a perfect combination of testing and experimentation. Find the review on top fat burners, workout and testosterone booster supplements by Watchotc.

The training method itself requires a lot of effort and practice, thus the effort taking in giving it a real shape should not be ignored at any cost.

The man behind Tabata training:

The founder of the Tabata training method is the person from whom this method gets its name. Dr Izumi Tabata a renowned physician in Japan investigated the chances and results of the Tabata training method with his team of researchers and doctors in the National Institute of Fitness and Training in Tokyo. The method was given extreme thought by Dr Izumi and his team before transpiring it into reality.

Testing of Tabata training:

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Dr Izumi, after a thorough evaluation of the method decided to test it on regular gym visitors. He asked for two groups of volunteers and after gathering them, he set out on his testing. The first group was told to train at a moderately intense level.

Moderation was sought from them in their workout methods. The details of the routine were that they were asked to work out for 5 days a week. The 5 days a week routine was implemented for six weeks.

This was done to ensure that the results generated show extreme accuracy. To promise the accuracy of the result Dr Izumi had given the groups ample amount of time. During these five days of the week, the first group was told to train one hour every day.

This was to be done while keeping moderation at all stages of the workout in the mind. After six weeks since the incipient of this work, the team of researchers decided to investigate the result. The results for this group were as per the expectations and the thoughts of the doctor.

The results showed that the Aerobic (Cardiovascular) system of all the volunteers training in the group one had increased. But on the other hand, The Anaerobic (Muscular) system of the volunteers training showed little or no change in cases.

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Simultaneously, on the other hand the team was working on the second group. The second group which was also formed with the help of volunteers was to train in a very high intensive way. The group was told to train or workout 4 days of the week. This would be done for sessions of four minutes and twenty seconds. This was done to keep in mind the 10 seconds breaks.

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The second group like the first group also trained for 6 weeks to ensure the genuine expectations from the testing. The training of group two was told to be in a very intensive way. The intensity of the workout was ensured during all the cases.

The results of the group two were also found out and evaluated with those of group one. The results of this group showed a very contrasting result to that of the first group. The aerobic or the cardiovascular system of all the trainees in the second group experienced a better increase than that of the first group.

This was not all, the anaerobic system or the muscular system of the second group showed a vehement increase of 28 percent. The results were different than that of the first group, hence complying with Dr Izumi’s earlier theory.

The anaerobic system of the first group had shown no positive results in any of the trainees, while the volunteers of the second group saw a great increase in the muscular system. Besides this, the cardiovascular system of the second group had also increased more than that of the volunteers of the second group.

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tabata workout exercise

The conclusion of Dr. Izumi Tabata’s testing

The conclusion that was extracted from this extensive experimentation was that high intensive training has a better increase in the aerobic and anaerobic performance of the body. This led to the creation of the Tabata training method, which was named after its master mind.

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The Tabata Schedule:

Being a very strenuous exercise and workout schedule, the Tabata training requires an individual to approach the exercise pattern with both his heart and soul. The training program is based on a very intensive schedule, a schedule which should not be compromised or broken in and case or instance. Each exercise within the Tabata training schedule lasts for four minutes.

More than the time itself, the extreme nature of the intensive exercise is what makes these four minutes, the longest four minutes in your life. The training requires four minutes of complete endurance, failure to do which can result in a futile effort. The pattern of the training is divided into a set schedule to avoid any irrelevant lapses.

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The training should start with a twenty seconds workout. The workout should be very intensive and should require the person doing it to be totally committed. Once the twenty seconds are over, a ten seconds break should be taken. This should be done to stop the body from getting fatigued.

Large deep breathes should be taken during this break and the time should be wasted due to its very fast and intensive nature. As soon as the ten second break is over, the individual should start with the next round of workout for twenty seconds.

This routine of extreme workout and ten seconds break should continue eight times till the four minutes are over. Once the four minutes are over, the person should stop with the particular exercise that he was doing and after a minor break move onto the next one.

An individual can pretty much do any exercise that he or she wants to do. It can be squats or pushups or burpees or chin ups but whatever one decides to do, the similar pattern of intensive workout and breaks should be followed.

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An Example of a complete Tabata workout:

The Tabata workout as it has been discussed is a very efficient and effective way to increase the performance of the body. Even with its effectiveness, the workout method requires complete adherence to the pattern and examples given.

The complete Tabata workout requires a culmination of different work out types. One should start with pushups as they not only act as a good warm up but also help the body a lot. The pushup routine should be followed for four minutes with ten second breaks in between like mentioned above.

Once the four minutes time allotted for the pushups is done, an individual should take a one minute break. After the break the person should move to bodyweight squats, squats are an important part of workout. The similar pattern should be followed after which a one minute break should be taken. After this one minute break, the individual should move on burpees.

Burpees are a very contemporary style of workout and are finding a lot of recognition amongst young people. The burpees should also be done according to the scheduled mentioned above with separate times set for scheduled breaks.

After the burpees, the person doing the workout should move onto the last set of workout, the Mountain Climbers. The Mountain climbers should also be done according to the prescribed manner to maintain and increase efficiency.

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tabata exercise

Last words:

The Tabata method is best for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, thus this method once incorporated in your routine can produce very beneficial results.

One thing should be kept in mind that like every other method of training the Tabata method also requires individual to be motivated to produce results.

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